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Leen Electromech Pte. Ltd.— Supplier of high quality electro-mechanical products/systems. We focus on providing high quality products and systems from reputable European manufacturer for industrial applications. 

Two main areas of our business:

Climate Control in Electrical Cabinets —Close loop climate control systems for electrical control enclosures/cabinets in indoor/outdoor environment, Cabinet air conditioner, Air to Air heat exchanger and Air/water heat exchanger for electrical cabinets in Telecommunication, SatCom, Mass Communication, ICT,  manufacturing and production industries. 

Fire Detections - Fire detection and alarm warning devices for heat and smoke detection systems. Marine MED wheelmark approved Conventional Fire Control Panel, heat and smoke detectors, watertight call-point, flashing beacons, alarm sounder, beacon sounders and bells. also available for general industries, harsh environment, offshore, hazardous and Explosion-proof areas.

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